Mike Berman’s Washington Watch

No. 139

State of the Nation

An average of four surveys taken from April 1 through April 22 found that 60% of Americans think the country is on the wrong track, while 28% of us think the country is on the right track. The official BLS...

President Obama

The public’s grade on President Obama’s job approval (as found by Gallup 4/24) is 47% approval/48% disapproval. His approval rating did hit 50% in January of this year. When Obama took office, his approval rating among Republicans was 23%. At...


Based on the Real Clear Politics average, currently 72% of Americans disapprove of the job being done by Congress, while 18% approve. This represents a tiny change since a year ago, when 77% disapproved and 13% approved. The public’s confidence...

Looking Ahead to 2016 – Contest for President

The 2016 election seems “a long way off” or “just around the corner,” depending on your point of view. If you are a sports fan, the election seems “a long way off,” given that before the 2016 election you will...

Restaurant: Marcel's

Washington, DC: Marcel's opened in DC in 1999. I have driven past it hundreds, if not thousands of times. Yet, until March 26th of this year, I had never gone there for a meal. That was a mistake.

Restaurant: Bistroquet

Washington, DC: Bistroquet is a relatively new restaurant on the site of what was for many years, Listrani’s.