Mike Berman’s Washington Watch

No. 146

State of the Nation

63% of respondents say that the country is on the wrong track. 30% say the country is headed in the right direction. [NYT/CBS 5/17] First, let’s take a look at the “official” unemployment numbers. The official BLS seasonally adjusted unemployment...

President Obama

The public’s grading of President Obama’s job approval (as found by Gallup on 6/3/16) is 50% approval/ 47% disapproval. Obama’s approval rating at the time of his first inauguration was 67% approval/14% disapproval. A year ago it was 44% approval...

2016 Election

25% of Americans have an unfavorable view of both the Republican and Democratic parties. [Pew 4/28/16] Currently, 78% of Americans disapprove of the job being done by Congress while 14% approve. [CBS/NYT4/12/16] Americans disapprove of the job being done by...

The Contest for President

Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee for president on May 4, 2016. He had not yet secured the required 1,237 votes but all of the other 16 candidates had dropped out of the race. He has since surpassed...

Restaurant: Pesce

Washington, DC: As many times as I have driven down “P” Street I’ve never noticed the restaurant even though it has been on this block for 20 years.

Restaurant: Pennsylvania 6

Washington, DC: I have been to Pennsylvania 6 three times. The third time was to see whether the experience of the second time was an aberration.

Restaurant: Tartufo Restaurant

Washington, DC: This recent addition to the D.C. restaurant scene was opened by the former maitre’D at DiCarlo’s Restaurant.