Mike Berman’s Washington Watch

No. 75

State of the Nation

There has been little change in the last couple of months in Americans' pessimism about how things are going in this country. Mid-July surveys by Gallup and Newsweek found dissatisfaction running 71% and 68% respectively, with 27% in both surveys...

Bush Standing is Static

President Bush cannot buy a break. An initiative in which he invested a lot of capital, immigration legislation, may well now be off the table until 2009. His Administration, including many on his current or  former White House staff, are...

The 2008 Presidential Campaign

19 Republicans, 17 Democrats, and 1 Green Party candidate have made some kind of noise or another about running for President in 2008. In addition, there is at least one potential Independent candidate, Michael Bloomberg, who, while he has not suggested he might run, his folks have made noises in that direction.

2008 Congressional Elections

In a June surveys, 53% of potential voters said they would vote for the Democratic candidate for Congress and 41% for the Republican candidate. Further, 48% indicated that it was time to elect a new person as opposed to 41%...

This and That

Random facts and miscellaneous information.

Restaurant: Rock Creek

Bethesda, Maryland: The owners of Rock Creek describe their offering as "conscious cuisine."

Restaurant: BLT Steak

Washington, D.C. : BLT is part of a group of restaurants that began in New York. In some ways it is another steak house, but in many ways it is different.

Restaurant: Sarabeth's Kitchen (East)

New York, New York: Sarabeth's has branches at the Whitney Museum and on the West Side, and also is known for wonderful jams that are sold around the country.