Mike Berman’s Washington Watch

No. 84

State of the Nation

Americans are frightened and feeling insecure. Around them, things which they cherish and on which they have relied, their homes and their jobs, are disappearing. They are uncertain about the future. They are also more uncertain about the ability of...

President Obama

Approval of the overall job President Obama is doing was running at 66% at the end of March in the WP/ABC survey, and 66% in the early April NYT/CBS survey. It was at 60% in the NBC/WSJ survey at the...

Is There A Disfunctionality That Needs To Be Fixed?

An argument can be made that there are ways in which the Federal Government is organized or operates which don't make a lot of sense. Here is one of WW's favorite examples. On a trip out West your editor was...


The House and Senate have passed the Budget Resolution, which is the ostensible blueprint for Federal spending beginning on October 1st, 2009. In the House, 233 Democrats voted for the Resolution, while 20 Democrats did not follow their leadership. 176...

Are You On Facebook? If Not, Why Not?

Are you on Facebook or My Space or one of the dozens of other social networks on the internet? If not, you ought to get with it. You are too old, you say; or you don't have the time; or...

The Internet Is Becoming Omnipresent

The internet is growing rapidly as a primary source of national and international news. The change is particularly dramatic among those aged 18-29. When asked on which medium they rely for national and international news, the results are as follows:...

2010 Congressional Campaigns

The 2010 election is effectively the first electoral test for Barack Obama. Of course, his name is not on the ballot. If a voter is unhappy with the President's performance, her/his only recourse is to vote against the Democrat on...

This and That

What do the following words have in common? Banana Dresser Grammar Potato Revive Uneven You can find the answer at the end of This and That. 63% of Americans view President G.W. Bush and Vice President Cheney unfavorably. [Gallup 4/09]...

Restaurant: Bourbon Steak

Washington, D.C.: Beginning with WW's first dinner at Bourbon Steak, the day it opened, December 19, 2008, through April 6th, WW has eaten dinner in this restaurant at least 24 times and lunch 4 times.

Restaurant: Michael Mina

San Francisco: As bright, energizing, and noisy as Bourbon Steak is, that is how quiet, dimly lit, and laid back is this restaurant. It is just plain fancier than its DC cousin.

Restaurant: Garabaldi on Presidi

San Francisco: The food was just plain good, and the portions were substantial.

Restaurant: piperade

San Francisco: Overall, the food was really good, nicely plated, but not fussy or overdone. It had the affect of comfort food, but was many notches above that which is usually described with that phrase.

Restaurant: Town's End Restaurant and Bakery

San Francisco: Breakfasts with Stanley are always a treat. The joints to which he takes WW always have "character." Town's End was no exception.

Restaurant: Eli's Restaurant

Washington, DC: If you regularly drive up 20th Street, NW, from M Street to Dupont Circle or Massachusetts Avenue, you have passed Eli's without noticing it or without giving it a second look.

Restaurant: Morty's Delicatessen

Washington, DC: Morty's (it used to be called Krupin's) is a more conventional kosher style deli.

Restaurant: Equinox - A Special Dish

Washington, DC: Imagine my delight, when arriving at Equinox one noon, to find a special item on the menu.

Restaurant Tips: About Restrooms and Reservations

Useful tips on restaurant restrooms and reservations.