Mike Berman’s Washington Watch

No. 89

State of the Nation

In December 2008 local television news was the preferred daily source of news for 51% of Americans. Close behind, each with a 40% daily following, were local newspapers and cable news networks. The nightly network news programs followed with a...

President Obama

President Obama's overall job performance rating continues to decline.


As this is being written the Senate is finishing its deliberations on healthcare "reform" legislation. The goal, to pass the bill by Christmas. Majority Leader Harry Reid has cobbled together the 60 votes necessary to survive several filibusters, the first...

2010 Congressional Campaigns

In July, Gallup reported a generic (if the vote were held today) ballot in favor of the Democrats by 50% to 44%. By October, that margin declined to 46% to 44% in favor of the Democrats. Then, in early November,...

Restaurant: KOMI

Washington, D.C.: This is not a place to go for a "quick" dinner. We were eating for about 2 1⁄2 hours, but it did not drag.

Restaurant: La Pain Quotidian

Washington, D.C.: In terms of the kind food that is served here, it is about as far away from Ben's Chili Bowl as one can get. But in its own way, it is just as good.