Mike Berman’s Washington Watch

No. 96

The 2010 Election and then Some

Republicans picked up 6 U.S. Senate seats 63 U.S. House seats 5 Governors 695 state legislators 13 state assemblies 6 state senates 11 additional states in which they control both legislative bodies 10 additional states in which they control governorship...

Leading up to the Election

Unemployment was 9.6%. Under-employment (including unemployed) was 16.8%. 23 States were experiencing increases in unemployment, while 13 States were experiencing increases in employment. 71% said the country was on the wrong track. (WP/ABC) 65% said America was in a decline....

What Happened

For two years President Obama and the Democratic Congress said to the American Public: "We know what is best for you and the country." On election day 2010 American voters responded, saying, "Oh, no you don’t." There are as many...

Looking Ahead to 2012

As the 2012 election cycle begins, 61% are positive about the election results, while 33% are negative. 48% are positive and 27% are negative about the Republican takeover of the House. 68% voted hoping that things would change over the...

Food: Safeway (known as the Georgetown Social Safeway)

Washington, D.C.: The store is somewhat unique in that the entire store is on the second floor of the building that opened within the last year. It replaced a more traditional Safeway that had been at the same location for years.

Food: Whole Foods

Washington, D.C.: This is a food store with an emphasis on natural and organic foods. Don't look here to find various brands of diet soda.

Food: Trader Joes

Washington, D.C.: Trader Joe’s is a relatively recent addition to my food shopping list. It has now become a part of my regular routine.

Food: Wagshal’s Delicatessen and Wagshal’s Market

Washington, D.C.: These two stores are under common ownership and general management and in the same small shopping center.