Mike Berman’s Washington Watch

No. 99

State of the Nation

50% of Americans think the country is on the wrong track, while 36% say it is going in the right direction. This is the most positive response reported since September 2009. Additionally, 25% believe the economy will get worse in...

President Obama

The President’s job approval rating in Gallup took a 8 point jump, from 43% to 51%, following the death of bin Laden, and has settled in at that level. President Obama is tied for 6th when matched against the previous...

Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama has stepped forth on two issues which do not necessarily draw extraordinary attention, but at least one of them may be the most important health issue of our time. One issue that she has focused on...

2012 Presidential Campaign Has Begun

The Obama re-election campaign has begun. It will be located in Chicago and led by Jim Messina, a stalwart of the 2008 campaign and Deputy Chief of Staff in the White House up until a couple of months ago. David...

The Congress

The Bin Laden affect was also felt by the Congress. Approval of the job being done by Congress hit 24% at the end of the 1st week in May, up from 17% the 3rd week of April [Gallup]. Approval was...

Restaurant: Morimoto

Napa, California: The restaurant is quite large and very modern in design. You can stop and watch the kitchen in action, but there is a lot of traffic as dishes are conveyed from the kitchen to diners.

Restaurant: Bistro Jeanty

Yountville, California: As you enter the restaurant there is a small reception desk. To the right there is a community table that seats up to 12, as well as several smaller tables. At the far end of this first room there is a bar with six tall chairs.

Restaurant: The Richmond Restaurant & Wine Bar

San Francisco: This is a relatively small neighborhood restaurant. Our table was by itself, in a corner to the right of the entrance.

Restaurant: Perbacco

San Francisco: Perbacco is quite large. To the left of the entry is a long, L-shaped bar with many high chairs. There are also several high, round tables with related chairs at the front.

Restaurant: Clink

Boston: Clink is the principal restaurant at the Liberty Boston Hotel, although there are four other eating and drinking locations.