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Silver Creek Outfitters: The Men’s Room

Silver Creek Outfitters Ketchum, IdahoThe men’s room at this clothing and outdoor equipment store is worth noting and visiting, if you happen to be in the store. It is in the basement level of the store. Everything, including the...

Restaurant: Round House Lodge

Ketchum, Idaho: There are three ways to get to this restaurant. You can hike, ride a mountain bike, or take the gondola that is used in winter to transport skiers.

Restaurant: boca

Ketchum, Idaho: We ate at boca twice, once early in the first week by ourselves, and then early the second week with Jim and Jamie.

Restaurant: Dashi

Ketchum, Idaho: The main entryway is on the side of the restaurant, and you first encounter a group of picnic tables in the side yard. The evening we were there these tables were being used by families with young children.

Restaurant: Galena Lodge

Ketchum, Idaho: This old rustic lodge was destined for demolition until a bunch of local folks, including the late John Heinz, contributed the funds to buy the property and turned it over to the public.

Restaurant: Globus

Ketchum, Idaho: I previously reviewed Globus in September 2002.

Restaurant: Grill at Knob Hill

Ketchum, Idaho: The restaurant seats about 200 people in two dining rooms and one outdoor area. The tables are of a variety of sizes and shapes.

Restaurant: Michel's Christiania Restaurant and Bar

Ketchum, Idaho: There is a full menu, plus nightly specials which the serving person was able to fully describe.

Restaurant: Vintage Restaurant

Ketchum, Idaho: This restaurant is described as the best restaurant in Ketchum, according to those who spend a great deal of time there. It required four attempts before we could get a reservation at Vintage, but it was worth the wait.

An Omelet Enhancement

On my most recent trip to Sun Valley, Idaho, which was also Debbie’s first trip, we ate breakfast at Christina’s in Ketchum for 8 straight days. We also had lunch there several times. It is there, one morning, that I...

Restaurant: Sego Restaurant and Bar

Ketchum, Idaho: As you enter the restaurant, to the left is a lounge/bar area where dinner is also served. It is separated from the main dining area by a floor to ceiling wall that is open at both ends.

Restaurant: Ketchum Grill

Ketchum, Idaho: The menu is not large, but it is more than sufficient. There are 5 appetizers, 4 pizzas, 5 pastas, 8 entrees, and 9 desserts.